PARK, Sapporo Japan

Videography by Robert Hutchison

One of numerous videos made of the entries to parking towers in cities throughout Japan, while on a 5-month Creative Artist Fellowship awarded through the Japan/US Friendship Commission and the National Endowment for the Arts. When viewed from across the street, the numerous personal and mechanical interactions that occur at this unique street level intersection become apparent over time. Parking attendants, customers, vending machines, vehicles, pedestrians, and bicyclists begin to appear like actors on a stage, with the parked car serving the role of protagonist. The experience is theatrical, allowing the patient viewer to transform random occurrences into an imaginary street performance. The stage alternates between the turntable in the foreground and the interior of the parking tower in the background, with the access door serving as the stage curtain. A sort of ongoing ‘real-life’ theater results, subtly revealing lifestyles, customs and interactions, and illuminating the ways in which people use the city over the course of the day and night.