RHA & Friends win Honorable Mention in 'Taking Buildings Down' Competition

Robert Hutchison Architecture, in collaboration with an all UW-based design team, was one of eight out of 160 qualified teams recognized by a distinguished jury in the Storefront for Art & Architecture’s international competition entitled ‘Taking Buildings Down’.

The competition sought out proposals for “the production of voids; the demolition of buildings, structures, and infrastructures; or the subtraction of objects and/or matter as a creative act.” The criteria for entering the competition was strict: “Removal is all that is allowed.” The UW-based team’s submission, which was one of five awarded an Honorable Mention, was influenced and inspired by a 2015 Installation project in Mexico City by Hutchison, Mattheis and Gonzales entitled ‘Lineamientos’, and continues the exploration of Gonzales’ UW architecture thesis project entitled ‘Unbuilt’. The team’s proposal argues for the temporary public use of the many private residential sites found throughout Mexico City that stand vacant for 12 weeks as they await pending demolition, and subsequent redevelopment as multi-family housing.

For more information, please see the Storefront for Art & Architecture website. To see our submission, go to Juan Jesus & his Sledgehammer on our website.